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017 Aberration Cave

Aberration Cave by Kenny "KennyJC" Coughlan For Zdoom
Reviewed by AlysiumX
Singleplayer, coop, 1 map.

Aberration Caves is a quake themed map by Kenny "KennyJC" Coughlan. Its layed
out pretty well, quake texture are used nicely and certain lighting effects make the
level stand out. The gameplay however I find to be more of a downfall, it tends to be
very difficult due to the amount and placement of monsters. I caught myself using
quicksave often, not knowing where I was going to die next. The idea for the last fight
was good in thoery till you take splash damage into account, then you start to relize it
seems about impossible. Luckly I found that if you just land on the bloody floor in the
same room you can shoot the cybie from there unfortunately it also definately made
the fight a lot less challenging. I would still say this is worth a play through tho
especially if you like a challenge.

This level earns a 3 out of 5. While design is good, its just a bit too difficult and has
some gameplay holes.


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Angry Jeez!!

That's some crazy stuff! I like the texture imports... however, gameplay... clearly designed for the level maker! I died falling (no pun intended) for the chainsaw trap and another time from the lack of health in the early stage of the level. I have to say, the rocket launcher pickup in that death room was the last straw! I have to agree and say 3/5 stars.
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