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Originally Posted by Grazza
I noticed one other (small?) thing you might like to change. In some maps there is a fairly long linedef 0, which as I understand it can make an intercepts overflow more likely (I think due to the way it was handled during blockmap generation, or something to do with that). In any case, I did get an intercepts overflow when playing an Oblige map (I think it was map02 of Seed 6503, Doom2, Single Player, One Episode).
I looked briefly at the Doom source and think I see the problem: linedef #0 is always in every block of the blockmap, and each block tested in a trace will check if that line crosses the whole trace, so if it crosses once it will be added multiple times, one for every block along the trace, upto a limit of 64 times (where the intercept limit is 128).

So it makes sense to ensure linedef #0 is as short as possible, which I've fixed in Oblige (the longest it can be now is 64 units).

Originally Posted by Aliotroph?
It would be cool if the concept of "theme" was extended to architecture so we could define stuff that could be built to go in a theme. This would work to inhibit that little trick it has where it just does everything everywhere.
Yeah something like that is needed, for example: the overall level-theme might be "Space Station", then it selects room-themes that fit this (like the STARTAN3 base theme etc), as well as suitable architecture and scenery items (lots of lamps and lights-in-walls, don't use sky-holes in the ceiling), and it could affect monster probabilities too (more humanoids).
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